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I have recently created a petition in order to campaign for better support for people with eating disorders.

Since the first lockdown in March 2020, eating disorders have increased dramatically, with an estimated 3.4 million people in the UK said to be affected. Beat, the UK’s national eating disorder charity has seen demand for their services increase and, waiting lists for treatment have increased, both by 200%. Although the target for under 18’s is to receive help within one week for urgent cases, this isn’t always possible and some adults are being told they have up to a 2 year wait.

More support is desperately needed so I’ve created a petition calling for:

  • An immediate increase in eating disorders support in terms of specialist eating disorders centres, with residential care, day care and outpatient appointments
  • Support that tackles the root cause(s), not just weight
  • A range of therapies to be offered
  • Mandatory training for GP’s and health professionals
  • Support for teachers, parents and carers
  • Mandatory teaching about well-being in curriculum
  • Shutting down of social media accounts that promote unhealthy behaviours

Please help by signing the petition on the button below and sharing as widely as you can. Thank you!

"How to Kiss Goodbye To Ana - Using EFT in Recovery From Anorexia"

published by Jessica Kingley Publishers (based in London and Philadelphia).

A personal and professional account of how EFT can aid in recovery from anorexia, including my own diary extracts, questionnaires, worksheets and easy to follow tapping scripts, as well as other resources.

Providing practical advice and techniques to help people with anorexia (and other eating disorders) to feel relaxed about food and their body, to allow them to feel free without anxiety.

• Do you struggle with eating?
• Are you stuck in a cycle between restricting and bingeing?
• Does part of you want to stay safe where you are but another is desperate to find a way out?
• Would you like help but fear losing control and gaining weight?

Would you like to:
• Quieten the voice in your head?
• Feel more relaxed around food, eating and your body?
• Increase your confidence and self-esteem?

As a recoverer of anorexia and bulimia, I share my own story, mostly in diary form whilst I was an inpatient, how every day I felt tortured by the negative voices in my head. When I was discharged, although I learned to eat, the voices still taunted me.

I discuss what helped me recover and in particular how EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) transformed my life by dealing with the root cause(s) and changing my mindset rather than focusing on meal plans and goal weights. Once I felt confident and strong, the voice in my head went quiet, and the reasons I never wanted to recover, diminished. Recovery was the battle of my life but I won!

Now a qualified Practitioner helping other women, I outline options for help available and specifically how EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) can be used as a self-help tool. The book includes: questionnaires, worksheets and tapping scripts, and looks at denial and fears about recovery.

I write to offer hope and encouragement, and advise on how to give yourself the best chance to break free. I knows that others unfortunately haven’t had the same happy ending and my heart goes out to their families, and it is in memory of those tortured souls that I have written this book. I pray that no one has to endure further suffering to the devil in their head.

“This profoundly moving book chronicles the underlying issues behind the author’s descent into the darkness only sufferers of anorexia and bulimia truly know. Gained through her own healing journey, Kim offers hope to fellow sufferers with practical and therapeutic solutions…a must read for anyone suffering from eating disorders, and their families.”

Karl Dawson, Author, Creator of Matrix Reimprinting, EFT Founding Master

“Compelling and Honest”

About Me

My name is Kim Marshall.

Having recovered from anorexia, I know first hand how consuming it can be. You start off thinking of anorexia (Ana) as your best friend, who you can depend on, is always there for you and who makes you feel better about yourself. Well initially that’s true. But then your best friend switches and starts saying hateful things about you and places strict demands on you. You may know that this isn’t right, but you go along with it anyway because she’s already gotten hold of you, took your confidence and self worth. It’s a desperate place to be where you feel alone and don’t know how to feel better.

As a qualified practitioner, I want to reach out to you and give you hope.

I am a qualified EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner and a member of the professional bodies, AAMET and EFTMRA. You may not have heard of these techniques, but that doesn’t matter, they are just the tools I use in order to help you, and they work incredibly well.

Being in control made me feel good and with Ana by my side I felt invincible. However this feeling didn’t last and soon she became abusive, making me feel worthless, despising myself and my body. I became tortured by the voice in my head, by food, eating and strived for goals that would never lead to happiness. I felt like I was in the deepest darkest well with no chink of light shining through. Every time I tried to eat a little more I’d be consumed by guilt and shame and Ana would scream at me, and this led to a binge. Even more guilt, shame and screaming followed and I’d be desperate to get rid of the food I’d just eaten. I felt alone and desperate and considered suicide several times a day. Part of me wanted to get out of the well, but the other wanted to stay, as I wanted to stay safe and in control. I struggled to want to recover as I just thought it meant I’d be fat, and the thought of putting on weight terrified me.

Eventually I was admitted as an inpatient to an eating disorders centre and although during the 4 months there I learned to eat and restored weight, the voice in my head never ceased and when I was discharged I still felt the urge to return to old behaviours.

I was soon introduced to EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) which I used to transform my life by dealing with the root cause(s) of the eating disorder which changed the way I felt about myself. I used to feel fat, ugly, worthless, unlovable, second best to everyone else, like I didn’t belong, that I had to be perfect in order for people to like me. Now I see things so much differently after clearing the issues from my past. I now feel able to deal with my life and although I still have stressful times (I now have two teenage daughters so say no more) I know that I can handle what life throws at me. I’m much more confident, positive about myself and my life, and I’m happier. I’m finally relaxed about food, eating and my weight. And without wanting to sound cocky or anything, I think I’m a good person and I’m proud of who I am. I can also say I like myself and my body. I never ever thought I’d be able to say that!

So if I can do it, so can you! Let me help you, like I’ve helped my other clients. I remember thinking I could do it on my own and I’d do it differently tomorrow. But it is not easy and you need support. There is no better day than today. Let me help you break free AND feel good about it. Let me help you learn to live and love your life. Let me help you feel excited about your future! Get in touch now.

Kim x

1:1 Support

When I finally admitted to myself that I needed help, I went to my GP and was put on a long waiting list to see an Eating Disorder specialist.  I assumed having to wait meant that there wasn’t really a problem (something that negative voice in my head was already telling me anyway), and that I wasn’t ill enough or thin enough to receive help (again confirming what I already was thinking).  During the wait, the eating disorder escalated.  The eating disorder behaviours increased and became more ingrained.  My mental health declined even more.  Not only is early intervention best as there is more chance of recovery, if your BMI is deemed too low, the focus will be to restore weight and any emotional therapy won’t be offered until this happens, which can feel extremely frustrating.

Although I eventually ended up in residential treatment, when I was discharged I still had the urge to go back to restrictive behaviours.  But I found EFT and it transformed my life.

I don’t like using the word ‘recovery’ because before, to me, it meant becoming fat and why would I want help to do that??  But for me now, recovery means simply feeling good about yourself, feeling confident and happier.

And that’s what I achieved along with:

  • Feeling in control of my life without the eating disorder
  • Feeling happy with my body
  • Quietening the voice in my head
  • Enjoying eating with no anxiety, guilt or shame
  • No overeating or bingeing
  • Only thinking about food around meal times
  • Feeling confident in and good about myself
  • Able to socialise with people and not isolate myself
  • Not feeling weak, tired or cold – in fact knowing I’m strong
  • Feeling good enough
  • Feeling safe, secure and loved
  • Knowing my purpose and feeling that I belong
  • Feeling contentment
  • No longer living in fear

My confidence has also allowed me to:

  • Deliver lectures to students in schools
  • Deliver training to people with anxiety
  • Deliver talks to professionals about working with people with eating disorders
  • Drive 1800 miles around Europe in 5 days for charity, on the Screwball Rally and socialise with hundreds of people involved
  • Take part in a photoshoot for Daily Mail newspaper
  • Share my story with thousands of people through the media and through my book

And if I can do this, so can you!

Due to my own experience of anorexia, I am able to offer a professional service whilst ensuring you feel listened to, understood, taken seriously, feel safe and secure, treated with warmth and compassion and not judged.  Honestly, I’m outraged and disgusted by some of the comments ‘the professionals’ have told my clients!  This is far from helpful.

I am offering 1:1 support to you if:

  • you’re ready to accept support
  • you’ve decided you’ve had enough of feeling crap
  • you’re ready to let go of the emotional baggage you’ve been carrying
  • you’re ready to start feeling better.

Sound good?

Then invest in the Kiss Goodbye To Ana – Awaken Beautiful Badass sessions!!

  • Block of 4 x 1.5 hour weekly 1:1 sessions, via Zoom
  • One 20 minute telephone call in between sessions
  • Pre- work prior to the first session and weekly homework
  • Lifetime Access to Resource Library consisting of Videos, Worksheets, Exercises, Tools, Strategies

Investment – £697

The Kiss Goodbye To Ana – Awaken Beautiful Badass sessions will give you the best tools and support possible to start you on your journey.  Further blocks of 4 sessions can be booked as necessary.


Please book a call with me for a free consultation and to discuss whether these sessions are suitable for you. This is NOT a sales call, I just provide you with the information you need in order to make a decision. I believe that you will have a much better chance of recovery if you work with someone you feel comfortable with, and if you’re ready, so I never look to persuade anyone to work with me.

Chat With Kim

Alternatively, if you’d like to just speak to someone someone who understands, won’t judge you, and will listen, why not book a chat with me?  We can do this via telephone or Zoom whichever you prefer.

My clients regularly say that they enjoy working with me because I ‘get it’ and they find it easier to talk to me because of this.  Talking to someone about how you feel is healthier than bottling it up, and can help you feel less alone and feel hopeful that positive change is possible.

Or alternatively, if you’re a parent or carer and would like to chat to someone, book a chat with me.  Eating disorders affect the whole family and it’s important for you to have support too!

Investment – £50 per hour

Email now to arrange your chat with me!

Group Support

If you’d prefer group support, sign up to my WellBeing For Women With Eating Disorders Online Programme!

  • 10 x weekly workshops live over Zoom.
  • 2 hour workshops including brief interval
  • Each workshop will be structured to include both training and support

The workshops will cover:

  • Talking eating disorders – what are they, different types, why did I get this, why is it so hard, what actually is recovery, what can I do, looking to the future.
  • Tools, techniques and exercises to help you feel more calm and relaxed
  • CBT Exercises that helped me
  • Getting out of your head with writing and music
  • Arts and Crafts – let’s get creative and playful!
  • Goal setting – small goals as well as end goals
  • Letting Go and Forgiveness – anxiety, fear, overwhelm, guilt and shame
  • People Pleasing and Boundaries – get comfortable with saying no sometimes
  • Exploring What Makes You Happy?  What’s Your Purpose?
  • Feeling Good Enough
  • Feeling Loved, Safe and That You Belong

During the 10 weeks you will:

  • Understand yourself more
  • Learn new tools that will help with your wellbeing
  • Start to feel more positive and look forward to your future
  • Meet other like-minded people
  • Get support from me and the rest of the group
  • Have some fun and get creative.

The weekly workshops will be live on Zoom and around 2 hours long.  There will be a one hour Zoom call a few days after each workshop, for questions and discussion.  Dates and times will be determined according to availability of participants.  Each workshop and call will be recorded so you have lifetime access.

Programme Investment – £500

Starting w/c 7th February 2022.  Payment plan available on request.

Sign up and Pay here.

Working With People With Eating Disorders

Since the first lockdown in March 2020, the amount of people struggling with eating disorders has increased dramatically and it is thought that up to 3.4 million people in the UK alone are now affected by an eating disorder.

Are you already, or would you like to work with people with eating disorders but would like to feel more confident in this area?

In an online training session, I’ll be taking you through:

  •  Why it’s not about the food!
  •  Insight into what it’s like to have an eating disorder
  •  Why ‘getting better’ is so hard
  •  What prevents people from seeking help
  •  What to say if someone contacts you and says they’ve just been diagnosed
  •  How to speak to parents who are concerned about their child
  •  What questions to ask clients
  •  What to look out for and work on in sessions
  •  Other tools and resources to help you and your client
  •  What you shouldn’t say to clients
  • What recovery is and isn’t

I’ve had fantastic feedback from previous training I’ve done, so sign up now as places will be limited! Just click the link below to see times and book, or contact me at if you have any questions. Look forward to seeing you at the training!!

Supporting Someone With An Eating Disorder

Since the first lockdown in March 2020, the amount of people struggling with eating disorders has increased dramatically and it is thought that up to 3.4 million people in the UK alone are now affected by an eating disorder.

Are you a parent, carer, partner, friend or family member of someone with an eating disorder?
Do you feel helpless and would like some tools and strategies that could help?
Would you like to know potential triggers and conversations you definitely shouldn’t be having?
Do you feel like you’re sometimes walking on eggshells not knowing what to say or do?
Would you like more confidence in how to help?

In an online training session, I’ll be taking you through:

  •  Why it’s not about the food!
  •  Insight into what it’s like to have an eating disorder
  •  What happened and what caused this
  •  Why it’s important to let go of any blame
  •  Why ‘getting better’ is so hard
  •  What prevents people from seeking help 
  •  What to say and what not to say
  •  Tools and resources that can help you and them
  •  What recovery is and isn’t

I’ve had fantastic feedback from previous training I’ve done, so sign up now as places will be limited! Just click the link below to see times and book, or contact me at if you have any questions. Look forward to seeing you at the training!!


“I started working with Kim just after I hit rock bottom. I had never heard of this tapping technique and was so desperate to find anything that would help ease my anxiety around food. After having a consultation meeting I decided to go for the 12 week package in which I saw Kim every week and we would work on root causes regarding my eating disorder. After tapping on different comments, situations, the way I feel about people , gave me much more understanding of the whole situation. Knowing that Kim had gone through the same experience as me was really comforting as she completely understood all my worries and anxiety around food. She was so patient and didn’t judge me with anything I said to her. I loved being able to keep in touch every day and help me decide what puddings I should have! I still continue tapping everyday and I find it relaxes me and makes me feel less guilty. One thing I should mention regarding tapping is you need to be patient and give time for it to work as it takes a bit of practice to get used to. After the first few weeks I got into a routine and found that doing tapping in the morning and when I go to bed suits me. I still keep in touch with Kim now and she has definitely been a big help with my recovery process. I would recommend this treatment for other people suffering as it’s a small price to pay for your health and you get to meet an inspirational woman”. RC

“I worked with Kim for three months and working with her really helped me at a time when I was feeling very low and out of control. She is a kind, warm and friendly person who very quickly put me at ease and I really enjoyed working with her. She really helped me to explore my issues and the causes of them and to develop strategies and skills for dealing with things that come up in the future. I would highly recommend working with Kim to others and I know that if I need help further down the road I wouldn't hesitate to call her again” JE

“With very rich experience, tremendous amount of patience and lots of compassion, Kim can always lift me out of any kind of emotional problems that I came to her with.  To be able to work with Kim is a blessing for me” By SZ

“I expected you to be good, I didn’t expect you to be a miracle worker!” By SL

“THANK YOU for helping my daughter. Its been hard here to write about the subtle but incredible miracles that we have seen” By Mother of BS

“Before I came to Kim, I think it is fair to say that I had hit rock bottom and had been ill for over 20 years, starting with Anorexia in my late teens, with the illness morphing to include Bulimia nervosa and compulsive eating. In short I was depressed, had an awful relationship with food and lived my life in constant stress response. At 42 years of age I was still suffering from Bulimic episodes, as well as compulsive and disordered eating. I had already tried conventional eating disorder treatment, cognitive behavioural therapy, psychotherapy, not to mention a bewildering array of anti depressant drug therapy, with varying degrees of success, but the fact was, I was STILL ill, and the underlying problems that contributed to my disorder were still there. When I first started the work with Kim, I was skeptical of how something so simple could solve such huge problems. I could not understand how tapping could work, when other more conventional treatments had had slower and more minimal impact on my disease. I was and still am totally amazed by the powerful effects that tapping has had on me. If you are willing to do the work each day, it can, and will have a striking and positive impact on your illness. It is possible to de power the negative emotions that lead to your eating disorder. I am in awe of its affects on me, and the best thing about it is, that now I have learned the skill, I can use it any time I need it. Simple, yet effective. I cannot thank Kim enough for what she has taught me”. SL

Free Resources

7 Things I Needed To Do Before I Felt Completely Free of Ana (Anorexia)

Want to know exactly what I did to become free of anorexia, so that I became free of anxiety, that voice in my head, and I felt relaxed about myself AND my body?

Click Here

Tapping On The Fear of Doing Something Different

Do you have a fear of recovery based on gaining weight, losing your identity, losing your control and your safety net and so many other fears? Are these fears stopping you from reaching out for help or engaging?

Help is available, click here

10 Steps To Feeling Better About Yourself

Want to feel better about yourself? Feel good enough? Stop beating yourself up? Stop comparing yourself to others? This is the key to recovery and is totally possible.

To find out more, click here

Take the First Step

I know how difficult it can be to take the first step, either making that phone call or sending that email.
However, the earlier you seek treatment, the better your chance of recovery.

Often we want to talk to someone who understands and knows what you’re going through. Well that’s definitely me and
I’d love you to get in touch. We can arrange an informal chat to discuss whether working with me is right for you.

If you would like help, please get in touch

07518 053311


I am based in Pershore, Worcestershire but use Skype and telephone regularly with clients worldwide

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